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Mt63 is a digital radio modulation mode for transmission in highnoise situations developed by pawel jalocha sp9vrc. Hamview is a freeware software to dig out weak signals buried in noise. Debian software packages in buster, subsection hamradio. Ham radio software collections category is a curation of 17 web resources on, ham2 os2 and amateur radio, m1fxy colin. Here is what i use and as most ham i know they love free stuff and here is the free software i.

Wsjtx implements communication protocols or modes called ft4, ft8, jt4, jt9, jt65, qra64, iscat, msk144, and wspr, as well as one called echo for detecting and measuring your own radio signals reflected from the moon. Alberto di bene posts the latest version of argo, a receiving tool for displaying slow cw, that performs fft spectral analysis and displays it in ways optimized for qrss. It is intended to be highly generic presenting the user to the same graphical user interface regardless of which radio is being controlled. Mrp40 is a powerful and highlyeffective ham radio software program that decodes received cw audio that has been fed to a computers sound card. Back issues published since 2000 are available on this page. I picked up a slightly used argo v at the local ham store. A place to discuss different amateur radio software suites, applications, and utilities.

Software defined radio american radio relay league. One example of a upconverter is the noelec ham it upwhich you insert inline to the antenna and the dongle. All the filtering and signal detection can take place in. May 09, 2016 tentec has created another legend within the new 539 argonaut vi. Ham radio deluxe hrd is a suite of windows programs providing cat control for commonly used transceivers and receivers. Sdr offers todays amateur the ability to experiment, learn and contribute to this new and growing filed in a meaningful way, much like the amateurs of the 20s and 30s contributed to the advancement of the radio art in their day.

Argo has been used for the first transpacific test. If you know of a program that is missing please leave. We try and keep a fresh inventory of used equipment. In its purest form, and sdr receiver might consist simply of an analogtodigital convert chip connected to an antenna. Like the k2, there is no fan required on the argo for ssb or cw, so combined with the silky smooth qsk, the quietness of the radio itself is just amazing during cw operation. About argo the resource is currently listed in in 5 categories.

Weak signal software category is a curation of 18 web resources on, js8call, mshv, wspr. This is the ninth year of production and the dvd has been well recieved at hamfests, ebay and the web. Voiceoverip server for ham radio operators svxreflector 17. Grig is a simple ham radio control cat program based on the ham radio control libraries hamlib. When 20 watts doesnt cut it, the argo v will drive my amp to about 400 watts output. Ten tec rx340 receiver using 100 hz filter antenna efield probe. I usually connect it to a lnr 102040 efhw or an icom ah703 antenna a great antenna by the way. For transmitting cw, the program encodes keystrokes from the computers keyboard. Software defined radio resources ham radio science. Also i believe you need to specify 8 data bits, and 1 stop bit. Contest logchecker, dxpocket, dxspotter, grid calculator and adif master software. Once installed, you will be able to communicate with thousands of amateur radio operators and radio enthusiasts in over 250 dxcc countries around the world. A comprehensive logger program designed for amateur radio station operators.

Credit must be given to the arrl letter and the american radio relay league. The rtlsdr can be used as a wide band radio scanner. It is designed to be lightweight, fast, and visually appeallng. Software defined radio attempts to place much or most of the complex signal handling involved in communications receivers and transmitters into the digital dsp style. Ham radio software sun country amateur radio society. Sdr and amateur radio software defined radio sdr is a hot topic among radio amateurs today.

In order to provide live audio and video streaming, additional software was installed on the local computer, while a dedicated media server dispatches the streaming in a web page. There are now dozens of software defined radio packages that support the ultra cheap rtlsdr. It looks like your good old paper logbook and the has benefits of a computer logger. Integrated software for logging, rig control, digital modes, satellite. Some of the best ham radio software available for the mac or any other platform for that matter. Ham radio software archives iw5edi simone hamradio. Im using ham radio deluxe software to control the radio this software reads the data from the radio, and feeds it to wsjtx. Operating modeseme eme ham radio moon bounce radio links. This has turned out to be a really versatile radio for me. Im using ham radio deluxe software to control the radiothis software reads the data from the radio, and feeds it to wsjtx. Tentec has created another legend within the new 539 argonaut vi.

It can be integrated with the cw terminal program cwtype, morse decoder cwget and rttypsk31. Ham radio outlet would like to congratulate these new hams on passing the fcc exam. Cariboo county british columbia downloads and reports. Ham radio software for dx clusters, contests, and everyday using. Ham radio digital modes software list and descriptions. Much of the arrl letter content is also available in audio form in arrl audio news. It has convenient interface, a good set of tools, and is fast and very easy to use.

Bob is also the author of logger, a logging program with a psk31 decoding and terminal module that runs under windows 9598, windows 2000, and windows nt was originally intended to decode psk31, rtty, and cw. This project involves building an isolated audioptt interface between a tentec argo 555 ssb ham radio transceiver and a laptop computer. Also, ham radio deluxe no longer provides support for these versions. This page is aimed mostly at the newcomers to ham radio and aspiring amateur radio operators. As in the hf amateur radio bands, cw may be copied by ear from 5 words per minute.

This same low noise receiver design blended with advanced software control has been used with the 599 eagle and rx366 receiver giving you outstanding dynamic range and crystal clear audio. Rik strobbes qrss software for transmitting extremely slow cw and riks other useful software at the on7yd download page. We categorize the programs into general purpose software, single purpose software, research software and software compatible with audio piping. My name is sergey, i was born in the 1963 year and live in moscow, russia. There is some fantastic software out there that can make you grow in your ham radio journey. I have made tons of contacts with it using only a vertical antenna including lots of dx even on 40 m. The ultimate ham radio software for contests and everyday using. This new qrp transceiver incorporates the use of tentecs asr design philosophy. Ham radio deluxe software the radio amateurs best asset. Argo argo is a freeware windows viewer for mthell, slow cw, like qrss and dfcw. Ham radio deluxe software radio amateurs best asset. Used gear mtc texas sized ham radio and electronic deals. Oct 06, 2017 2001 captures argo capture of lyles 1 watt medfer beacon k0lr on 1800.

Dont forget we are cash buyers for used ham radio gear. Version 1, build 4 has the following changes wrt build 2. Thanks to dd5er, dj1cr, dj4zc, dh2va, dk8ci, dl1ydd, g3ruh. The argo v communicates at 1200 baud other speeds will not work. Or look into the manual in html format, even though the manual included in the archive will be more uptodate.

The receiver is very good and the dsp really works. Logbook also known as hrdlog is a powerful ham radio logging software program within ham radio deluxe. This is a brief introduction to receiving qrss signals within the h. The rtlsdr is an ultra cheap software defined radio based on dvbt tv tuners with rtl2832u chips. Material from the arrl letter may be republished or reproduced in whole or in part in any form without additional permission. The people at ham radio deluxe have allowed us to distribute all of their old versions as long as we do not charge for the software. Hrd and trx with kenwood ts870 not working gm1zvj, thursday at 12.

Mar 31, 2018 an upconverter is a device that converts hf radio reception into vhfuhf frequencies the rtlsdr dongle can hear. Flex radio sdr based ham radio transceivers perseus hf sdr receivers rf space hf sdr receivers quicksilver qs1r hf sdr receiver winradio hf and vhf uhf sdr receivers alinco hf and vhf uhf receivers with iq outputs elecraft kx3 hf transceiver with iq output coming this fall. Ham radio software has, for many of us, become a new hobby within our amateur radio hobby. A short description of the reception technique software can be found here. Ham radio deluxe hrd includes dm780 and derivatives. We try and move all old stock out every 30 days on ebay. This link is listed in our web site directory since friday sep 17 2004, and till today argo has been followed for a total of 5006 times.

Posted on april 29, 2020 posted in ham radio software zakanaka, a digital mode decoding and terminal program written by bob furzer, k4cy. On this page we will attempt to list, categorize and provide a brief overview of each software program. This software collection uses the xfce desktop environemt with menus customized for amateur radio use. The decoded text is displayed on the computers monitor. I hope to just excite you to look to see what is out there. The ifk technique was first described by steve olney, vk2zto. Skywave linux is a 64 bit live system providing installed and configured software for accessing software defined radio servers locally and on the internet. Ham radio deluxe best logging software for amateur radio. Hrd is free for radio amateurs, shortwave listener swls and charitable organizations.

It may interest ham radio enthusiasts, hardware hackers, tinkerers and anyone interested in rf. Listed under the software weak signal category that is about weak signal software. With this operating system, a person may tune shortwave broadcasts, amateur radio, aeronautical, maritime, or other signals received at remote servers around the world. These modes were all designed for making reliable, confirmed qsos under extreme weaksignal conditions. A discussion area for rig control, logging, utility, and other software applications. Argo is a program to visually show qrss, dfcw and other slow digital signals, into an easily configurable waterfall, taking its input from the pc. Hamsphere works in windows, mac, linux, ios and android. Hams use mrp40 to send and read qrq highspeed cw, to help. The opensource program fldigi is used for encoding and decoding the various modes.

Sdr offers todays amateur the ability to experiment, learn and contribute to this new and growing filed in a meaningful way, much like the amateurs of the 20s and 30s contributed to. Oh2gi ham system allmode contesting and logging software system designed primarily for online operation of hf digital and cw radio stations through terminal node controllers tnc propagation prediction tool the k1ttt moflof contest propagation tool is designed to help the serious contest operator know when each of the major contest bands. It is both a complete dx operations center, as well as a fantastic general purpose log book. Ham radio deluxe best logging software for amateur radio operators qso logging with control for ham radios, dx cluster, operating awards. Short wave listening with software defined radio joe cupano. Amateur radio software for receptiontransmission of jt65a protocol with an emphasis upon its usage in the high frequency amateur bands. Cariboo county british columbia downloads and reports scanner.

The argo is a basic transceiver that is easy to use, reliable, and fun for the cw operator that occasionally wants to dial around the bands with his little rig and take in. Ham radio deluxe is now a commercial piece of software. Mt63 is designed for keyboardtokeyboard conversation modes, on hf ham bands. This program started as a simple fft program running under dos a long time ago, but it is now a specialized audio analyzer, filter, frequency converter, hum filter, data logger etc see history. But, if you are a pro, feel free to explore this section of our website. Added timeofevents information on mouse cursor display. Software ac6vs amateur radio and dx reference guide.

If you have any questions or see something on the list call us now 9037370773. To retrieve your new key, visit the following website to check for your replacement key. The ultimate ham radio software for contests and everyday. The main category is weak signal software that is about weak signal software. You stand a good chance of finding something useful. The current release version of ham radio deluxe is v6. Argo is a program to visually show qrss, dfcw and other slow. It allows the argo to be used for transmitting and receiving psk31, rtty, olivia, contestia, jt65 and other digital modes.

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